Privacy Policy for HildeSchjerven.net

In brief, HildeSchjerven.net does not collect any personal information about the visitors to the site.

Any information you may provide in the contact form is voluntary and will not be used for any other purpose than responding to your message.

However, throughout these webpages, several links are provided to other websites. These are provided for your convenience and information, and HildeSchjerven.net is not responsible for the privacy policy of those sites. Please refer to their privacy policy, and keep the same rules of caution for these sites as you use on other websites in general. Except for Google AdSense (see below), careful consideration is taken for any links provided, however there might be an affiliate relationship to some of the external links. It should be clear from the text and the context which products and websites have been used and are recommended, and which are merely listed as suggestions for your convenience. If in doubt, feel free to ask through the contact page.

HildeSchjerven.net does display Google AdSense advertisement on some of the pages. HildeSchjerven.net does not have any control of what advertisements are displayed through Google AdSense, and can as such not endorse any of those ads. However, Google AdSense selects ads based on the content of the webpage and the individual user, an as such, should provide relevant advertisements.


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