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Welcome to the web site of Hilde Schjerven, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor at UCSF in the Department of Laboratory Medicine, with transcriptional regulation in the immune system as the main field of scientific interest. Please feel free to send a message through the contact page.

ResearcherID: I-1437-2013

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    Dr. Schjerven is an ANRF Scholar and a Hellmans Fellow and is grateful to the research support provided by
    The Arthritis National Research Foundation, The Hellman Fellows fund,
    UCSF Academic Senate and NIH National Cancer Institute (NCI).

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Academic interests

Scientific research:    

Transcriptional regulation in the immune system.

Focus on development, cell fate decisions and malignant transformation.

Ikaros:      A zinc finger (ZnF) transcription factor (Ikzf1).

Required for proper hematopoietic development.

Important tumor suppressor in the lymphoid lineage.

Advances due to the new technology of High Throughput Sequencing

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    Committed to provide quality education at both higher academic level as well as general education.

    Creation of and/or contribution to popular scientific literature.

    Mentor for students at various levels for training in academic research.


Upcoming Events:

2/2-2017: Celebration to welcome Danielle, Johanne and Marit, and to wish Eta Welcome back!

2/1-2017: Welcome back to Eta, returning to lab as Assistant Specialist

Latest Updates:

1/28-2017: News: Beall's list of Predatory Journals and Publishers taken down.

1/17-2017: Danielle, Johanne and Marit arrived in lab: Master students performing their laboratory project work in lab at UCSF. Welcome!

9/23-9/25-2016: UCSF/UCB Immunology Retreat at Asilomar, CA

8/26-2015: Etapong Fonabei Ayongaba (Eta) successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis work at UiO, Norway. Congratulations! Well done!

5/18-2016: Karissa Hansen joins the group. Welcome! 

5/13-5/17-2016: AAI Immunology 2016 meeting in Seattle, WA 

2/15-2016: Tara Kheiri joins the group. Welcome! 

1/11-2016: Biniam Tesfai and Bryan K.Wong join the group. Welcome!  

9/25-9/27-2015: Eta presented his work at the UCSF/UCB Immunology Retreat at Asilomar, CA.

9/1-2015: Published: "Regulation of gene expression dynamics during developmental transitions by the Ikaros transcription factor" by T. Arenzana, H. Schjerven and ST Smale published in Genes & Development

9/1-2015: Linn Eggesbø and Ida Lindeman successfully defended their M.Sc. thesis work at UiO, Norway. Congratulations! Well done!

3/15-2015: Presentation (on 5/9-2015): Immunology 2015 - American Association of Immunologists (AAI) Annual Meeting. New Orleans, USA (May 8th - 12th, 2015)

1/30-2015: Buchner et al.; "Identification of FOXM1 as therapeutic target in B cell lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia" accepted in Nature Communications. Published 3/10-2015

9/9-2014: Published: Heller et al.; "Restriction of IL-22- producing T Cell Responses and Differential Regulation of Regulatory T Cell Compartments by Zinc Finger Transcription Factor Ikaros" published online in Journal of Immunology.

4/20-2014: News & Views: Contribute with your knowledge in "WikiGenes" by "Collaborative Publishing".

3/4-2014: Upcoming Presentation 3/7-2014: Joint Hematopoietic Malignancies/Cancer Immunity & Microenvironment Retreat, San Francisco, UCSF, USA

10/27-2013: News & Views: Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Immunology of Schjerven et al., 2013, NI paper: "Two versions of the Ikaros tale" by Maria Papatriantafyllou.

9/21-2013: News & Views: "Fingerprinting Ikaros" by Fotini Gounari & Barbara L Kee (Commentary on Schjerven et al., 2013, NI), doi:10.1038/ni.2709

9/8-2013: Published: Schjerven et al.; Selective regulation of lymphopoiesis and leukemogenesis by individual zinc fingers of Ikaros, Nat Immunol, 2013, DOI:10.1038/ni.2707

8/30-2013: eLife Journal: New trend in Scientific publishing? 

8/18-2013: Update on Journal Impact Factors (2012).

6/16-2013: News: The  Icefish movie won the STEAM award at the 4th Annual New Media Film Festival.

4/1-2013: News: "The Scientist" publish an article on the Icefish (see below, 3/17).

3/17-2013: Did you know? ...... The Icefish does not have any red blood cells!

11/5-2012: Protocol for Making Libraries for ChIP-Seq posted, and ChIP Protocol Updated.

10/18-2012: ChIP Protocol posted.


9/5-2012: Created the "Contact" page - Thanks to TheSiteWizard for providing the PHP script..

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